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  What's new in the world of the Runaways?
Author : FantomexLast Modified : 4/7/2013 7:28:22 AM

So what's happening in the world of Runaways? This is what's on the horizon in reverse order.

Updated: 7th April 2013

This site is currently on hiatus.


Old news (but most links will still work)

Hot on the heels of Nico and Chase duking it out over in Avengers Arena, Victor Mancha will be appearing in his own one shot, a tie-in to Age of Ultron. CBR now reports that Victor will continue his time in the spotlight with Avengers A.I., a series featuring Hank Pym, the Vision, Alexis, a Doombot and Monica Chang. Looking forward to that! Click here for more details.

Why not check out this Q&A session on Marvel's website with Dennis Hopeless during which he talks about upcoming issues of Avengers Arena.

Here's an interview with Kathryn Immonen from Newsarama talking about her forthcoming Victor Mancha story which is part of the Age of Ultron storyline.

Great news comes in the form of this from Scans Daily - a new Victor Mancha tie-in to the Ultron storyline that will fill the shelves shortly. So, that's three of the team covered. How about the rest of them Marvel?

A new teaser image comes courtesy of Newsarama which shows Nico and friends trapped inside a board game in Avengers Arena.

I heard today that Gerry Anderson, an innovative puppeteer and creator who worked on programmes such as Thunderbirds, Stingray and Terrahawks, had died this Christmas. He helped form my love of sci-fi and probably helped along my love of comic books. R.I.P. Gerry.

Nico and Chase only appear in very brief cameos in issue #2 of Avengers Arena which focuses on Rebecca Ryker's background story.

There is more information here about the upcoming Avengers Arena series. It looks like Nico and Reptil will square off whilst Chase has his hands full with the powerful Darkhawk!

Karolina makes a brief appearance in the final (sniff) issue of Avengers Academy (two panels only).

Here's a little more info about Avengers Arena from Dennis Hopeless courtesy of CBR.

Good news, but maybe not for our heroes. Milleniumcyke pointed me in the direction of this new series coming in December which features the Runaways, finally getting some action.

Just returned from a holiday in Wales and found some news. It's vague but the Runaways will be appearing soon (though not in their own title) according to SDCC news on CBR.

Today is the site's 5th anniversary. WooHoo! Unfortunately, as you can see below, there isn't a whole lot to add to the site at this moment in time. Hope we manage another five years!

Absolutely nothing happening at present for our heroes I'm afraid. I'll be back when we finally see another appearance.

The Hostel (Livejournal) posted this link to a new interview with Brian K. Vaughan who has a new book out called Saga. Click here to see what he has to say.

Looking forward to seeing the Runaways in the pages Avengers Academy. It looks like Old Lace is making a surprise reappearance... surprising as she died a while back.

I got this from sandoz_iscariot at the Hostel (Livejournal). A clothing line called Welovefineshirts are selling Runaways T-Shirts on their website amongst others.

Better late than never, a little more news about the Runaways upcoming appearance in Avengers Academy.

Following on from possible appearances in Avengers Academy, Caroline D sent me this link to a great looking cover for Daken, featuring our beloved heroes.

This is the first promising news I've heard for a while regarding the Runaways. Avengers Academy, which is an enjoyable book already, is changing in November and will include a larger cast. Not only this, they're relocating to the west coast, and who lives there? Hopefully we'll see some interaction between the Avengers and our heroes. Read more about it here.

There's a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance by Molly in New Avengers #7. One panel only though so don't get too excited.

Not Runaways news, but fans of the New York Four might be interested in Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's forthcoming follow-up, the New York Five, coming in January.

The Runaways movie might be delayed by a few months according to this article on

How great does this sound? - IRON MAN LEGACY #10. "INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" (Part 5 of 6) Before their children, the RUNAWAYS, became their greatest nemeses, the villainous PRIDE of Los Angeles faced their greatest threat when a destitute and penniless TONY STARK came to Los Angeles. Through cat's-paws both super powered and mundane they tried to break him, but every attempt failed. But now they've made a mistake by kidnapping the person closest to him and sacrificing her to their dark masters, THE GIBBORIM. Tony will do everything to get her back, including attacking The Pride on their own turf ... with some surprise guest-stars in tow!!! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Just in case you missed it, there's an interview here at CBR with Fred Van Lente, writer of Iron Man Legacy.

Fancy reading some Runaways fan-fic while there series is on hiatus? Try The Leapfrog and The Hostel for starters. You'll find plenty there.

There's a rare appearance by a young Alex Wilder in Iron Man Legacy #7 - out now!Here's a litle story about the casting of Nico in the upcoming Runaways movie. It seems Marvel are hoping to stick to the original characterizations a much as possible.

Brian K. Vaughan may have created the Runaways, but he also created Mitchell Hundred over in Ex Machina. The series ended this week, and what a last issue it was. Recommended reading to anyone who wants drama, political intrigue and humdinger of a series finale. Ex Machina #50 - in shops now.

Want to star in the Runaways movie? I know I do. Check this out for more information.Check out Marvel's comics this month and you might find an interview with Runaways colorist Christina Strain. Her interview appears in X-Men Legacy #238 and plenty more I'm sure. It's part of Marvel celebrating the women who contribute to their success.

Puunk's sent me this link with a little Runaways news. Also, if you want to catch Molly, she appears in Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age #1, out now.

I'm afraid it's all a bit quiet on the Runaways front at the moment apart from this little snippet. The Pride look like they'll appear in Iron Man Legacy #6 in September. If anyone catches any news about the new movie, or appearances by any of our heroes, let me know and I'll post something here.

I'm tying the knot this Friday and then heading off to Cuba for the honeymoon. I'll be away a couple of weeks, so I'll update with any news when I return. Stay well. Mike (EDIT - It was a great wedding and an awesome honeymoon in Cuba)

Some Runaways movie news here thanks to a post at Livejournal by Angelophile. Peter Sollett is set to direct (he did Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) the movie, due in 2011.

More from Comicbookresources here showing Molly on the cover of Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age #1. Hopefully she'll be more than just a cameo. are previewing Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1 which features a little Runaways vignette by the looks of things. It's on sale this week if you fancy it.

Rumors are abound that actress Allie Grant may play Gertrude in the proposed Runaways movie. However, I'm not going to create a dedicated movie page until some hard facts begin to come through.

I got this news from the ever-informative Hostel. In the Kick-Ass trailer, someone is reading a comic called Sunaways, which is clearly an altered version of Runaways (2nd series) #28. Also, though I haven't seen it yet, Nico appears in Strange #4, though it's only a non-speaking cameo role.

Check these pics out. It's like the team never went away.

Synopses to Minx title, The New York Four, can be found here. This isn't a Marvel series so runaways.mergingminds won't be actually hosting the page. According to Brian Wood's own website, a sequel to the series is expected in 2010.

Could Molly ever join the X-Men? Jacob Warren's sent me a link to an article he's written on the subject at X-Nation. Go check it out.

Karolina gets a mention in the solicits for S.W.O.R.D. #2, but there's no guarantee she'll actually appear. Fingers crossed. The advanced X-solicits can be found here. Issue #14 will be the last one, according to a blog on, but it is on hiatus, probably until next year. I hope we hear more from Marvel soon.

No Runaways listed in the new solicits. Noooooooooo!! I'm not sure why, but they better have a darn good explanation. I need my fix.

Better late than never, but here are preview pages for the next issue (#12) at Comics Continuum

Puunk sent me this link. A Runaways variant cover for issue #13. Seems Molly's the new face of Runaways as she appears in the corners of the variants too.

Another article is now online - Joe Quesada's Cup O'Joe which has a few questions about the new team and some older creators, as well as some unlettered preview pages from the next issue. You can find it here.

Puunk sent me this link. A Runaways theme song. And it's from Marvel themeslves. I haven't had a listen yet, so enjoy!! There's also an article about the song over at MTV.

Here are some of Marvel's September previews with what looks like a return for a gone, but far from forgotten, character. Thanks to both Caleb Warren and Puunk for the heads up.

My thanks to scooterbrown, posting on's forum, for inadvertantly mentioning an error in the Nico and Karolina articles which I wouldn't have spotted otherwise. Also, to psycwave for giving the site a thumbs up on CBR's forum (just to show I read 'em occasionally).

Puunk's been busy again by sending me this. Slightly worrying, obviously, especially looking at those sales figures. However, there's plenty of life in these characters, so hopefully the new team can pick up some fresh readers and put Runaways back where it belongs.

Puunk's found me a bunch of preview images for Runaways #10 over at Comic Book Resources. The new solicitations for August are now up at Newsarama.

Puunk sent me a preview of the new solicitations which can be found here. It looks like one of Chase's relatives is turning up. We haven't seen much of the aunts, uncles and other relations that might be out there. Also, Kathryn Immonen, the new Runaways writer appeared on the Marvel Mono Panel. The details can be found here.

Brian Michael Bendis spoke at the Emerald City ComicCon, as reported by Comic Book Resources. A fan asked about Nico being considered for the role of Sorceror Supreme, to which he replies that the search wasn't over yet. I personally can't see Nico taking on a role with her limited experience, but I'd love to see her interacting with the good doctor at some point.

Marvel's confirmed the new creative team. Here's a new interview with upcoming Runaways writer, Kathryn Immomen at

Marvel has a few pages of this week's new Runaways issue here. Puunk's doing a great job keeping me informed about Runaways activity. Check out this great looking cover at

Puunk's e-mailed David Lafuente who replied that he's doing several covers for Runaways. No further details that yet that I'm afraid, but good news.

Puunk brought my attention to this page which features some very interesting artwork.

Newsarama has some of Marvel's May solicitations with a cracking David Lafuente cover for Runaways #10

Newsarama has a preview of April's Marvel solicitations featuring Runaways #9, which it states is the last in Terry Moore's run - Click here.

Terry Moore posted a new message on his blog on the 11th January, mentioning that a new artist would be covering issues #7 to 9. Humberto Ramos is now off the title. Here's part of his message - 'Monday I have to turn in the outline for Runways 8, part two of the zombie story. Because the story is in the here and now, I wanted to come up with a new way of creating zombies, instead of the old zombie juice or graveyard days. I think I came up with something fun. I hope you get a kick out of it. Issue 6 was Humberto Ramos’ last issue. The next 3 will be drawn by a new artist.'

There are Marvel solicitations up at Newsarama for Runaways #7 and Runaways #8

I missed this story (thanks Puunk) but Marvel spoke to Humberto Ramos recently about the way he sees the characters. Here's the interview. And, just because I was away for these, here are the December and January solicitations, including Runaways #5 and 6.

The November solicits are up at Newsarama, including those for Runaways #4.

And heres a little more about the Cloak and Dagger mini-series.

Great news from the SSDC '08 event reported on Newarama. Cloak and Dagger, friends of the runaways, will be returning to a comic book store near you soon.

The October solicits are up at Newsarama, including those for Runaways #3. The September solicits are here.

CBR reports on WW Chicago, and news of a series of What If? comics, featuring a Runaways/Young Avengers back-up story written by Karl Bollers.

There's a little more information about the What If? issues over at IGN.

There's some nice artwork here from Matthew Humphreys with six pages of a self-drawn Runaways comic.

Chris Yost was interviewed over on CBR, so I thought I'd throw in a question about the Runaways' early years. He kindly replied. This is what he had to say about that, and the other work he's got going on at the moment.

If you want to see what else Terry Moore is up to, there's an interview on Newsarama here about his new series, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

I was saddened to read this morning about the death of movie director John Hughes. Movies such as Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science and the fabulous Uncle Buck are still some of my all-time favorite movies, and I must have seen Breakfast Club a couple of dozen times. He died aged 59. Thanks for everything John.

A little more news from MTV about the forthcoming Runaways movie.

Returning from holiday, I found the net awash with some very interesting news about a possible Runaways movie!! The Hollywood reporter's article hints at a 2011 release with the movie being directed by original creator Brian K. Vaughan. Unfortunately this might mean at least three long years of speculation and rumor. Better than nothing, though.

Another interview here with Chris Yost from 15th May on Newsarama, about his involvement with the Secret Invasion tie-in, Young Avengers/Runaways.

News from the 2008 New York comic con over on Newsarama featured a little more Ramos artwork.

Humberto Ramos has some Runaways images on his blog. It's a new direction as far as the artwork that has gone before, as already seen in the pages of Runaways Saga.

Keep a track of what Terry Moore is up to on his blog



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