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  Who are the Runaways - Nico Minoru
Author : Last Modified : 12/13/2012 7:17:07 AM

Name: Nico Minoru
Aliases: Sister Grimm
First Appearance: Runaways (1st series) #1
Born: Los Angeles, United States of America
Known Relatives: Robert and Tina Minoru (parents, both presumed deceased), The Witchfinder (Great-Grandmother, presumed deceased)
Physical Features: Black Hair and Brown Eyes
Height and Weight: 5" 4' and 102lbs
Group Affiliation: The Runaways
Major Allies/Friends: Avengers Academy, Cloak and Dagger, Father Lantom, Hank Pym, Reptil, The Runaways, The Young Avengers, The Young X-Men 
Major Enemies: Excelsior, The Gibborim, Marie LeVeau, Noh-Varr, The New Pride, The Pride (presumed deceased), Marcus Roston, Topher (deceased), Ultron, The Upward Path, Alex Wilder
Known Powers: Sister Grimm controls an ancient magic wand called the Staff of One, which can only be summoned when her own blood is drawn. With the staff she can cast magical spells which have a temporary effect. After her run-in with the Witchbreaker, it isn't certain what her relationship with the staff now is.

In a Nutshell:

Nico, like the rest of the runaways, liked her parents and never suspected that she would discover the truth about their criminal activities. Nico was a normal girl, a former alter girl, who dressed in a goth-like manner and who liked The Prisoner television show. Once they had run away, the team tangled with ther parents and Nico discovered the Staff of One, her mother's possession, that would become her primary weapon, though she seems adept at using whatever is at hand.

When the team gave themselves codenames she named herself Sister Grimm, after the German writers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. She used it as her AOL instant messenger name. Nico found herself attracted to Alex Wilder, the group's leader, though she upset him when a young vampire named Topher arrived on the scene. Their parents, calling themselves the Pride, came after the runaways, and it was only when they confronted their parents that Alex was killed and Nico, along with the rest of the team was taken into a children's home. She encountered a witch named Marie LeVeau, and then escaped, joining her friends to go on the run once again.

Though she took up the unofficial mantle of team leader, Nico was never confident in her abilities. Nico was upset when Karolina left to join Xavin in space, but held the group together despite her loss. She later hooked up with another member of the team, Victor Mancha, but their relationship fizzled out when Victor set his sights on Lillie McGurty. Around this time, Nico gained a power increase courtesy of the Witchbreaker, and gained the ability to levitate. Since then, she seems to lead the group with the help of Victor Mancha. Recently she was chosen by Arcade to feature in his 'Danger Games' alongside Chase.

Important moments:

  • She absorbed her mother's Staff of One which would soon become her main weapon [Runaways (1st series) #4]
  • Nico kissed Alex Wilder on the spur-of-the-moment [Runaways (1st series) #5]
  • Nico later kissed the vampire Topher, when he was invited back to the Bronson Canyon hostel [Runaways (1st series) #8]
  • After the members of the Pride were seemingly killed, Nico was placed in a foster home where she had a run-in with Marie LeVeau [Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm #1]
  • Nico unofficially took over leadership of the team after Alex died, but she wasn't particularly confident in her own opinion. She asked Gertrude to take over from her should something happen to her
  • She was almost kissed by Karolina who had a crush on her, prior to Karolina hooking up with Xavin [Runaways (2nd series) #7]
  • Began a sexual relationship with Victor, but later split up when he moved in on Lillie McGurty [Runaways (2nd series) #19 and 30]
  • Nico's relationship with Victor cooled when he set his sights on Lillie McGurty [Runaways (2nd series) #27 - 30]
  • In 1907, Nico was captured by the Upward Path and tortured by the Witchbreaker, her Great-Grandmother. She taught Nico how to use her powers properly and seemed to have given her more confidence [Runaways (2nd series) #28 - 30]
  • Had the idea to ask Leapfrog for ideas for a new base which resulted in them moving to Malibu [Runaways (3rd series) #1]
  • It was shown that following her 'tuition' by her Great-Grandmother, Nico's Staff of One could no longer be used by someone else without serious side-effects [Runaways (3rd series) #9]
  • Revealed that she had kissed Karolina [Runaways (3rd series) #10]
  • Kissed Chase again, though this time it was reciprocated [Runaways (3rd series) #13]
  • She revealed that she can 'ask' the Staff whether if it can accomplish something [Avengers Academy #28]
  • Nico was grabbed by the villainous Arcade and forced to participate in his latest version of Murderworld alongside Chase [Avengers Arena #1]

Alternate versions:
Nico appeared in five What If? issues at the end of 2008. There were no noticable differences in appearance or personality. She also appeared in Marvel Zombies as a zombie.



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