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The Leapfrog was the Pride's transport to the Marine Vivarium, where they met the Gibborim prior to the Rite of Thunder. It was created and operated by Victor Stein, and it's basically a flying green craft with bug eyes used for getting around in, and due to its unusual appearance, it has a cloaking device to enable it to pass by unnoticed.

When the runaways took Leapfrog as their own transport after the deaths of their parents, Chase took control of it. However, they didn't keep it long, as they were taken into the custody of Social Services by the Avengers. However, once they fled their respective homes, they found the Leapfrog at the old Avengers West Coast compound.

Leapfrog has lasers fitted to it. These are attached to the craft, but they can also be used as stand-alone weapons, as shown by Victor in shooting the Doombot. Leapfrog was also used to take down Xavin.

[Runaways (1st series) #15, 17, Runaways (2nd series) #3, 5, 8 and 23] 

Leapfrog has the ability to determine that Xavin’s ship missile locks onto it, though its cloaking device was useless against Xavin's ship's scanners. This means that as advanced as Leapfrog is, it's probably just a basic craft that the Pride had built for the occasional trip.

An unusual aspect of the ship is the fact that it can talk. It spoke to Chase, mentioning that it could understand five thousand languages. It has also shown a knack for being tactful, noticable in a conversation with Molly. When Chase decided to take leave from the team, Victor began piloting Leapfrog. The ship can be operated by remote control, as seen when Hunter took control of the lasers. The Leapfrog can also be used as a time machine, when a small device called the Overdrive is placed into its slot.

[Runaways (2nd series) #8, 17, 19 and 26]

The Leapfrog , now capable of time travel, resides on the roof of the runaway's new Malibu hostel [Runaways (3rd series) #1]

And here it is in action against the Majesdanians [Runaways (3rd series) #6]

The Leapfrog's scanning function was shown highlighting people from its database [Runaways (3rd series) #10]

When a drone plane hit the Malibu House, the original Leapfrog was damaged beyond repair. However, Chase's uncle Hunter showed them a garage containing several other Leapfrogs and they took one as their new ride. Vic then placed the old Leapfrog's 'heart' into the new machine [Runaways (3rd series) #13 - 14]. However, he seemed to have repaired the original Leapfrog, only to have his Uncle Eli damage it once again [Daken: Dark Wolverine #18 - 19]



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